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More and more colleges are using Upswing to improve student retention. Why does Upswing make sense for you?

Although Upswing tutoring sessions are available 24 hours per day, most of our tutoring sessions occur after 8:00pm. This is because the typical student has changed. Priorities such as family life, work, and extracurriculars have relegated many students’ study times to periods much later than their colleges’ available resources to support them.

Upswing supports colleges by providing support for students even when the learning center is closed. Our trends and analytics even allow you to see when sessions are occurring, so you can make informed decisions about your learning center’s operating hours.

By definition, most evening and online students struggle to get on campus in time to receive the support they need during open hours. As a result, these students typically have lower completion rates than their traditional counterparts.

Upswing research has shown that when given the opportunity to choose between tutor experience, tutoring styles, and other key characteristics, the majority of students on the Upswing platform, students tend to select coaches who are a part of their same affinity groups. Put simply: females tend to choose females, racial minorities choose similar racial minorities, and those from the same school tend to pick each other as well.

Because Upswing chooses coaches from a wide range of demographics, and allows coaches to setup their own profiles, students have a greater opportunity to find someone who relates to them.

Supplying adequate tutoring staff at a school is difficult. In an average workday, a tutor can only help up to 8 students. And when students do not show up for their appointments, it is a lost opportunity for both the tutor and other students.

At Upswing, we’ve found that students only need an average of 20 minutes of tutoring help at a time. They know they can always seek additional help – without needing to travel back to campus.

Many colleges tend to offer student support in multiple locations across campus, or even across multiple campuses. While often logistically necessary, many of our clients have lamented that there is an adverse impact on students seeking support. Oftentimes, students will show up at the wrong location and lose motivation to find the right center.

At Upswing, we help geographically dispersed support teams, by providing the ability for each team member to connect with students directly through the Upswing platform.

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